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ontd ai
The gifs from ontd ai crack me up. Theres so many of them. I think i need a folder just to house all of the ones i have after right click save.

And ugh. I just got up two hours earlier for nothing. Fail.

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i have a folder fullll of that kind of stuff, lmao

hahaha hey guess what. ontd finally accepted me. rofl i'm already enjoying the lost posts lolll

hi bb! you should join ontd_sheep, we want you there. it's just an off topic community full of fun ppl tbh!

I was staring at this trying to figure out what you were replying to and then I remembered I made this entry so it looked like I used my journal and I could get accepted to ontd lmao Thanks!

lmao sorry! i didn't want to post it on ontd_discussion because then _sheep would get flooded with requests to join

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