ontd ai

The gifs from ontd ai crack me up. Theres so many of them. I think i need a folder just to house all of the ones i have after right click save.

And ugh. I just got up two hours earlier for nothing. Fail.


I've been youtubing good ol MJ all week. I've been reminiscing with the free willy song and jammin to man in the mirror. Miss ya mj :(
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I woke up with a massive headache and ive sneezed about 43 times. I better not be sick for tomorrow. A better thought..will i sit through demi?..or leave


Random entry. Rambling. Wednesday is the concert and i still dont have a straight answer about what time i need to go there. My mom is pissed that i dont know. So i think i'm just gonna pick a random time and just hang out and get kicked out of a starbucks again. Like old times.